$350 LEGO "Playable" Grand Piano Review & Speed Build

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Join me as I unbox, speed build and review the 21323 LEGO Grand Piano, a 3,662 piece LEGO Ideas set designed by Donny Chen which creates a self-playing LEGO piano complete with piano bench powered by LEGO's Powered Up system. Every detail of the LEGO piano is recreated in a masterpiece of LEGO engineering including two octave playable piano keyboard, working sustain peddle and a glossy black LEGO piano branch which is fully height adjustable.

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21323 LEGO Grand Piano from LEGO Ideas was designed by Chinese fan designer Donny Chen and is a LEGO masterpiece, although whether the "playable" grand piano is actually playable is a contentious point. The LEGO piano keys do move up and down as piano music is played on your smartphone using the Powered Up app but the keys do not play the notes, they just move up and down in a pre-determined pattern.

Building the $350 LEGO piano is an absolute joy and it deserves the recommended 18+ age recommendation. In this video, you'll see a four minute LEGO grand piano speed build set to piano music and a detailed but fun review of the 31st LEGO Ideas set. Included with the 21323 Grand Piano is the Powered Up hub, a motor and a light sensor but you will need to supply six AA batteries and a smartphone to appreciate the more impressive features of this playable LEGO piano. Finished in gloss black, the LEGO piano is going to get dusty and will show fingerprints!

The action board of the LEGO Ideas grand piano can be removed to reveal the piano mechanism inside and in this video, I'll show you how the LEGO grand piano self-playing mechanism works. The lid of the grand piano can be raised to reveal the LEGO soundboard and piano strings and even working LEGO dampers. It's awesome!

Video Chapters:

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Donny Chen Playable Lego Piano
00:54 LEGO 21323 Grand Piano Box Art
02:09 LEGO Grand Piano Unboxing
03:09 LEGO Grand Piano Speed Build
07:08 21323 LEGO Playable Piano Review
07:26 LEGO Piano Playing Clair de Lune
10:04 LEGO Grand Piano Detailed Review
12:11 LEGO Piano Keyboard
13:54 Inside the LEGO Grand Piano
15:01 How the LEGO Playable Piano Works
16:09 LEGO Player Piano Mechanism
17:53 LEGO Grand Piano App Overview
19:47 LEGO Adjustable Piano Bench
20:37 A Pianist for the LEGO Piano
21:42 Conclusion

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As well as unboxing and reviewing the 2020 LEGO Ideas Grand Piano, I include a four minute LEGO time lapse speed build showing the LEGO playable piano built from the ground up so you don't miss a thing!

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