ACCIDENTS HAPPEN Baby SHARK Edition | Videos for Kids | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | The Sharksons

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00:00 5 Little Reef Sharks
01:54 Boo Boo Song
03:57 If You're A Shark And You Know It
06:02 Rainbow Fish
07:52 Sleepy Shark Oh Sleepy Shark
09:38 Sick Song
11:59 Shark Family
13:42 Humpty Dumpty
15:27 Row Row Row Your Boat
17:00 10 In A Bed
19:34 Happy Birthday
21:08 Bath Song
22:35 Getting Dirty
24:38 Under The Sea
26:40 5 Little Fishes
29:08 5 Little Digger Trucks

The Sharksons is a fun and educational show for children featuring classic, and new nursery rhymes!
Join The Sharksons on their adventures through the ocean, cleaning up the sea and teaching children how to count, spell and more!

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