Actors With Roles In Marvel And DC Movies

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Did you know these actors played superheroes (or villains) in Marvel and DC!

We all love superhero movies and seeing our favorite comic characters come to life, and it’s a real treat when some of our favorite actors and actresses take on those iconic comic roles. But with superhero movies becoming the dominant force at the box office, it’s not strange to see actors take on multiple roles in different superhero franchises. So today’s video is highlighting all those actors with roles in both DC and Marvel movies.

Now, you know the big ones already. There’s countless videos about Chris Evans and his switch from the Human Torch to Captain America, or Ryan Reynolds’ famous DC flop Green Lantern followed by his comeback with Deadpool. But today’s video is highlighting some lesser known actors who have had parts in both DC and Marvel movies. People like Zoe Saldana, with her roles in the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy as well as a severely underrated DC movie you might not have seen, or Randall Park who starred in a DC movie and Marvel movie in the same year! And we can’t forget about Djimon Hounsou who’s one of the only actors to switch back and forth between the two franchises multiple times. This video is all about them.

So go ahead and check out our video about actors with DC and Marvel roles on their resumes and let us know afterwards in the comments which one was your favorite! And while you’re there, be sure to hit that subscribe button for more awesome DC content like this. Thanks for watching ScreenRant! Let’s get started.

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