All Hunters Free-for-All Battle Royale (Bloodborne Mod)

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The ultimate hunter fight is finally here! All hunters fight it out to the death to prove who is the best hunter in 2 different do you think will be victorious?

► Hunters List:
Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
Old Hunter Henryk
Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods
Brador, Church Assassin
Eileen the Crow
Retired Hunter Djura
Djura's Pal
Impostor Iosefka
Younger Madara's Twin
Valtr, Master of the League
Yamamura the Wanderer
Simon, Seeker of Secrets

►Music List:
Alex Roe - Abyss Watcher Boss Remix
Dark Souls III OST - Slave Knight Gael

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I was inspired by BonfireVN Boss VS Boss videos, and I thought of sharing the fun of boss wars, but in Bloodborne and Demon's Souls!

► Huge thanks to all Pateron supporters: Travis Singleton, Nuffly 893
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