an honest chat: the reality behind a year abroad (+ a wholesome surprise ❤️) ad

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I hope this offers a small insight into how it's been for me being abroad during a pandemic, and that it helps you if you're looking to do a year abroad! ❤️
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My jumper is from a market in Peru sorry :(

✰ FAQ for you curious people ✰

How old are you? 20, turning 21 on Jan 11th
Why are you in Berlin? I’m currently working here on my Year Abroad!
What do you study? German and Spanish at the University of Oxford
How tall are you? 5“4 and a bit :)
Why do you say mom if you’re British? Everyone in my area grew up saying it that way :)

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i am so so so grateful for you, yes you! right now! reading this! you are amazing! have a great day! :)
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