Assassin's Creed Netflix & More Ubisoft Plans!

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Assassin's Creed Netflix show is on the rise and we are indeed closing in with the project after AC Valhalla taking the spotlight this year for Ubisoft's highest sold game which broke their records, Now Netflix is currently filming the upcoming assassins creed netflix show and a animated movie which we already know about. But ubisoft has just made a new The Division plans where they've made further plans with Netflix on bringing us the long asked Division movie which is currently in development and the casts have also been announced, and I am pleased to see how well they've casted as a very huge fan of the game it self. Now Assassin's Creed Series is what worries me since the game has a huge reputation and iconic and unforgettable characters, this is going to be a hard choice to cast and lead the roles. For more Assassins Creed videos make sure to stay subscribed.

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