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Venezuela's economic and social debacle is neverending. And, far from improving, the situation only goes from bad to worse. In 2019 alone, Venezuela's GDP is estimated to have fallen by 35%. And by 2020, the coronavirus and the collapse of oil prices threaten to make things even worse.

Venezuela's economic collapse is unprecedented in a country that is not at war. And we’re talking about an oil power, in fact, the country with the largest reserves of crude oil in the world. And not just crude oil. Venezuela has many other valuable resources: diamonds, cobalt, and 40 other high-value minerals found in the subsoil of this country. A country where we find the Orinoco Mining Arch, a region that is believed to be home to the second-largest gold reserves in the world.

And since the collapse in the price of oil, it is precisely this Venezuelan gold that has unleashed a war between the government of Nicolas Maduro and the guerrillas that control its production. In this video, we'll tell you all the details about Venezuela’s unknown treasures.

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