Blissey and Magearna take over Battle of Legends on Pokemon Showdown

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Battle of Legends is an online competition you needed to register for in Pokemon Sword and Shield, this format also has a showdown ladder for now where you're allowed one mythical or box legendary on your team. You could choose one out of any legendary available before Crown Tundra in this format. Since this is the only time you'll ever be able to use mythical pokemon in a VGC setting, I really wanted to try the broken Magearna with a dumb gimmick meme strategy.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this short showdown video, if you have any other questions leave them in the comments! No I don't think this team is good, it's a gimmick I made in 5 minutes for fun and for content.

Thumbnail Art Credits
Blissey art done by lordreckless on Devianart
Alolan Dugtrio art done by FurryLovePup on Furaffinity
Necrozma art done by gaofangs on Devianart
Zacian art done by adalore on Devianart
Magearna art done by archappor on Devianart

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