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0:00 So you read the title of this video and I want to start this video off by saying it's not a joke, it's not a meme, it's 100 percent serious. Well, that's interesting.

0:07 That's what you keep doing. This is not a joke. It's not a meme. I'm serious. You guys. The video is called I'm quitting. I'm quitting YouTube. I'm quit. I quit. I'm done after this.

0:20 No more videos, guys. May six. Twenty, twenty. Except for this video. On this video. On this video. This video. This video.

0:26 OK, it seems like I'm doing fine. It's like it seems like I'm I'm making the same content. I'm happy, energetic.

0:37 You don't seem happy. You seem like that guy. Up, up, huh? You seem like this guy. That's how little you look. You look like this guy. Is that look happy to you? He's about to get thrown over a bridge. Everybody goes is going to test it out with a rock. Look what you do with the rock buddy. Oh, you know, just seeing how it'd be if I threw you over punk. Hey, that worked pretty well.

0:58 That throwing that thing in. I could do that to you. Guy who's eating all my food, all my food. Boy what are you doing boss. Throwing rocks in the water. That's interesting. Oh yeah. You know, me just throwing some rocks in the water. No worry about. I don't know. I feel like I should worry about something. Don't you worry. Cranked out. Frank, we're just going to give you a go hug now.

1:17 He's he's off on his own. Where's our old buddy. Everybody go. Oh, he's gone. I wonder what happened. As I was saying, you look just like this dude. Like literally you could have played that character and that movie. You could play a grown up Harry Potter's brother. So that's a compliment some time.

1:29 And I feel like just now I'm starting to completely break down in a way to where I feel like I can't create.

1:38 What he's talking about is he doesn't have video views anymore. He's going through exactly the same thing. Sociopaths went through the same thing that Jesse Page is going through, the same thing that I went through, I guess, a while ago. No, not really. I don't know about me. If we go to social blade, click on Crank that Frank. Let's check out how much money he's making. OK, so, yeah, no, he's getting about three thousand four hundred views a day.

1:57 We'll say that's on the high end, I guess, which is about eighty cents to fourteen dollars a day. Most of you who have jobs make more than that. Way, way, way more than that. So basically his job on YouTube isn't a job anymore, and that's probably why he's so upset. Back in January of twenty eighteen, he was gaining twenty two thousand subscribers a month. Now he's gaining negative three thousand. So see, this is why he sat back in twenty eighteen.

2:18 He was getting million views a month, anywhere from like two thousand five hundred dollars to six thousand dollars. Like that's, that's a livable money. But over time. Oh I'm starting to feel depressed. I'm getting more depressed. Oh no. Oh I'm so depressed. Depression and now he's down two hundred to three hundred, four hundred dollars. But I kind of wonder if think that Frank is going to be actually like honest about it or if he's just going to act like this has something to do with his creative expression or it's like all about money for everyone, all always about money.

2:47 I call this the hanging out with my brothers and I feel like I need at least 30 days off social media entirely because of money.

2:57 If you were getting paid twenty thousand dollars to make videos a month, you would be, hey, guys, I could go back, you know, like it's obvious.

3:05 Anyway, let's take a break from Krank. We'll be right back and check out some of you. Probably never heard of live Lavallette. So this is Live Love Live. He is one of the most epic YouTube is on planet Earth. He's hilarious. He's cute, he's funny.

3:15 And he's also YouTube deceased. Completely and utterly on the heck happened to him.

3:20 I super duper think you're cool. I'm not that's not my words. I don't even know you. We've never even actually met. I met your David. But what I'm saying is they think you're awesome. They think you're number one. They think you're the best.

3:31 As you could probably gather, this dude would have millions of years if he was as he was a live level if was this, isn't it? But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

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