Devil May Cry 5 -【Mod Showcase Bundle XI】

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The first video of 2021 in the channel ≖‿≖

also was gonna show those anime mods for Vergil, but time is short for me today, so get that weeb van instead :HYPERPEPEGA:

Mods -

Weapons & VFX
Beowulf DMC5 for Dante by: vainiuss1 -
^ can be paired -
Rudolph the Whey Dosed Cavaliere by: MrNiggles -
Vergil No Afterimages by: Naxshe -
Beowulf always white effects by Daigron -
Better JdC VFX by: Lidemi -
Vergil DMC3 Judgement Cut Effects by: thezippotm -
Vergil Boss afterimage and new VFX by: Evilmaginakuma -
Force edge Vergil by RaspTea -

Bloody Palaces/Void
HELL BP by: RaspTea - $
BP vs Vergil Style by: RaspTea - $
M17 vs Vergil by: RaspTea -

Battle Themes/Music Mods
Super Ultra Violet M19 by Danneawesome -
Eddie Hermida Dynamic Subhuman by:DanneisAwesome-
Crush40 GreenLightRide by: FarbodFr -
Friday Night by Danneisawesome -

Costume Mods

Weeb Van for Nico (feat. Padoru) -
Black Mighty Morphin Ranger as Nero by LV GAMING -
Acid Vergil by KickDemonAss -
Augmented Nero by: MrNiggles -
RockV by RockTex -
DMC4 Vergil DT for Vergil DLC by Mr_Sniffles -

Music -

Snowball park super mario 3d world
Yes, Bury The Light again
Cavaliere Angelo Dynamic (small segment)
UMVC3 Vergil Theme
Bleach Numba One RMB Remix -
Cyberpunk main menu theme
Killer Instinct - Fulgore Theme
???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? (plus intrumental cover) -
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song - Epic instrumental cover -
Payday 2 - The Gauntlet
DMC4SE - Let's Just See
Nico's Van Theme

Timestamps -
0:00 Rudolph the Whey Dosed Cavaliere
0:55 DMC5 Beowulf On Dante
1:23 Force Edge
2:09 DMC3 Judgement Cuts
2:39 White Beowulf VFX
3:02 Vergil No After Images
3:20 Better JDC VFX
3:29 Vergil Boss afterimage and new VFX
4:15 Friday Night EX
4:47 Crush40 GreenLightRide
5:36 Super Ultra Violet M19
6:13 Old Dynamic Subhuman
7:17 M17 VS Vergil
7:53 BP vs Vergil Style
8:09 HELL BP
8:47 Augmented Nero
10:39 Acid Vergil
13:51 Black Mighty Morphin Ranger
15:53 RockV
18:50 DMC4 Vergil DT
20:53 Weeb Van for Nico (feat. Padoru)

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