"Drunk Enough To" Remix Challenge - ADIBA remix

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I’m honestly overwhelmed by the response on the Drunk Enough To remix challenge. You guys are so GOOD??? I’ve been having all your remixes on repeat in a playlist and they’re all so vibey and creative so it’s been nearly impossible to choose a winner (and impossible to sit still ????) Honestly they’re all special to me but here’s the 3 remixes that made it to the final ????

1. WINNER!! @ has made this super cool bass driven beat that you just can’t sit still to! Pitched down vocals and an infectiously catchy drop! Love it ????

2. @ track is so well made I could hear it on the radio now! I love the combination of ambient vocals and then super groovy beat plus vocoder and clock sound in the drop down. Sooo fire ????

3. @stvcksmusic made a deep house leaning remix that gives you the best kind of UK club vibe as soon as the drop hits. Great dynamics and impossible to sit still to. Sickkk ⚡️

Natali Noor, ADIBA and STVCKS ???????? please dm me and @sonymusic will send you a prize.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone that’s participated in this challenge!!! ♥️ Link in bio to hear the full versions!

Listen to the original here:
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