Entry Level Data Science Jobs | Which Data Science Role to Choose & How to Build a Good Resume?

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Are you a fresher wondering how to make a data science career transition? In this video, find out the list of entry level data science jobs that you can consider in 2020 along with resume and interview tips. Here, Abinaya Mahendiran, Data Scientist at Mphasis (NEXTLabs) explains various entry level data science job descriptions, what type of job roles are apt for your profile and which job role to choose. She also shares tips on resume building, skills required and how you can crack the data science interview while addressing common myths around data scientist jobs.

0:46 Data Science basics pre-requisites and skills
1:37 Entry Level Data Science Jobs
5:41 Data Scientist Salary
6:12 How to make a Data Science career transition?
7:57 Tips on resume building
9:44 Data science interview process
10:50 How to crack a Data Science Interview
10:32 Data Science myth busting
14:20 Data Science career advice

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