EVERY COIN makes Mario BIGGER!! [Super Mario 64 mod by Kaze]

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EVERY COIN MAKES MARIO BIGGER!! This hilarious Super Mario 64 mod by Kaze makes Mario bigger every time Mario collects a coin! You start off with a TINY Mario, and Mario becomes HUGE! Mario gets bigger with every coin Mario gets. It's so funny to see both a tiny Super Mario going around Princess Peach's Castle, and a giant Mario going around Princess Peach's Castle!

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In today's video, we play this Super Mario 64 romhack mod where every coin Mario collects makes Mario bigger! Small Mario (and HUGE Mario) explore around Princess Peach's Castle, Whomp's Fortress, and Lethal Lava Land! Mario starts off as tiny Mario, exploring the world of Super Mario 64, and Mario gets giant, gigantic, and colossal!


Super Mario 3D World but everything is in a random spot -

Super Mario 64 randomizer is hilarious -

Super Mario 64 but every coin makes you faster -

Tiny Mario outside Princess Peach's Castle - 0:00
Tiny Mario inside Princess Peach's Castle - 0:25
Tiny Mario in Whomp's Fortress - 0:52
Mario grabbing a box - 1:20
Mario getting bigger than normal - 2:20
Giant Mario in Whom's Fortress - 2:45
Glitchy Mario riding along a fence - 3:00
Mario climbing a tree - 3:30
Giant Mario outside the level - 4:00
Giant Mario exploring Princess Peach's Castle - 4:30
Trying to go into the basement and Bob-omb Battlefield - 5:50
Tiny Mario in the basement of Princess Peach's Castle - 6:22
Tiny Mario trying to catch Mips the rabbit - 6:40
Tiny Mario in Lethal Lava Land - 7:28
Tiny Mario collecting red coins in Lethal Lava Land - 8:20
Mario approaching normal size - 8:45
Mario bigger than normal size - 9:30
Giant Mario goes into the volcano - 9:54
Weird ledge grab with giant Mario - 10:20
Giant Mario getting stars in the volano - 11:00
Giant Mario leaving the level - 11:35
Thank you to Kaze for making this mod! - 11:55

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