Family Night Funkin' week 4 (Friday Night Funkin' Mod)

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Friday Night Funkin' is a funking cool game, go play it

Its the time for Tyler's school and Cadence's school to do their annual cross school funk battle! Tyler has remained the undefeated funk champion for years and left all the other schools in the dust. However, this year will be different. Can Cadence use her new found funk skills to take down the undefeated funk champion?!?!?!??!

Lol so you're probably wondering: "what the fuck" and the answer to that is long. So basically about a year ago, a couple of my friends started discussing ways to get clout on the internet and we found a funny little trend called gacha life videos. Obviously the next reasonable thing to do was research gacha life videos for the next few hours, work out what's successful and create characters for a gacha life video series. Tyler was the protagonist along with 4 other characters: Fuketsuna Wakamono, Becky, McMuffin and Darles Charwin. We sadly scrapped the idea due to coppa being a whole thing around that time and the line was a bit blurry of what it would flag and so that was the death of Tyler and his friends. UNTIL NOW BAABBBYYYY!!!!!!

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