Global National: Aug. 31, 2020 | Canada signs more deals to secure COVID-19 vaccine doses

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In our top story: we begin with the race to develop an effective covid-19 vaccine -- and the new efforts to ensure Canadians get access. The federal government says it has signed deals with American drug companies Novavax and Johnson and Johnson to reserve doses of their vaccines, if they're deemed successful. Similar deals are already in place with Pfizer and Moderna. The government says altogether these deals could result in tens of millions of vaccine doses for Canadians. But first they must prove to be safe and effective. And that appears to be a ways off. Mike Le Couteur reports on the push to secure a vaccine and the politics at play.

Quebec is one of the first provinces to see classes back in session. French-language schools opened last week and today English-language students had their first day in class. Mike Armstrong has more on how it's gone so far and the challenges that lay ahead.

Global News has uncovered explosive allegations the RCMP ignored repeated warnings about a suspected mole. Cameron Ortis, a former high-ranking civilian intelligence official, is facing criminal charges and accused of preparing to share classified information. Now, a new lawsuit alleges those working under him complained about his "strange and controlling behaviour" two years before his arrest. Abigail Bimman has the exclusive details.

The toppling of a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald has reignited the debate over how to honour Canada's first prime minister. Politicians of all stripes condemned the act of vandalism, some warning about erasing history. But Macdonald's legacy includes implementing the residential school system. Jayme Doll explains looks at the delicate balance of preserving history, while coming to terms with a racist past.

History unfolded in the Middle East today with the first commercial passenger flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a major step in warming up relations between the two countries after agreeing to a surprise peace deal. The UAE is just the third Arab state to establish diplomatic ties with Israel, but the pact has yet to be signed. And as Redmond Shannon reports, there is one contentious hurdle to clear.

The candidates for the White House are hitting the campaign trail, despite the surge in cases of COVID-19. Today's debate centered around the continuing protests over racial injustice. Democrat Joe Biden took aim at Republican Donald Trump, saying the president is driving division to shift the focus away from the pandemic. As Jennifer Johnson reports, Trump is planning to visit Kenosha, Wis., the epicentre of the latest protests.

September is at our doorstep and most students are either back in school or getting ready to go. Besides the usual notebooks and pencils, many kids will be required to return to school with masks. The rules vary from province to province. But how to pick the right one. Jeff Semple looks into that tonight.

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