"Golden Battle" - Original Composition by insaneintherainmusic

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I love jazz battle themes in RPG's so much, so I why not just write one of my own?

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It's been a while since I've written one of my own tunes and released it on the channel! Happy to be changing that with this new tune, Golden Battle! While playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna, the Golden Country, I realized how much I loved jazz battle themes in RPG's (XC2 Torna, Earthbound, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky). There needs to be more of it in the world, so I figured, why not just write some myself?

I've been going on a lot of walks lately with my dog Looker (he'll be 6 months old in March!), which gives my mind a lot of time to explore and wander. That open mental space is definitely a huge boon for creative thoughts! I came up with this battle theme in my head on one of our walks a week or so ago. It started with the piano riff at the top (which is definitely inspired by XC2 Torna's battle theme, and also some percussive piano riffs from Japanese jazz fusion bands like H Zettrio and Fox Capture Plan), and then the melody came into my head. I decided to keep the melody pretty simple and singable! I think singable melodies are really important in memorable video game music - they help songs wedge themselves into the mind of the player and keep them humming it even after they're done playing!

My friend Julia has been helping me mix some of my covers lately, and I've picked up quite a few mixing techniques that I used in this video! I've been using multiband compression (which helps on upright bass SO much), along with using vocal / bass fader riding plugins to keep volume levels of tracks consistent without relying too much on compressors, which can color the sound in sometimes unwanted ways. I'm really pleased with the sound! I picked up a Yamaha Recording Custom 14 x " Steel snare, which sounds AMAZING, and really pumps up the sound of my drum kit! I also got a ported front bass drum head, and experimented with tuning / muffling to get a punchier kick drum sound more suited for this hybrid jazz / rock kind of vibe.

In retrospect, I think there are a few more things I could have done to make this sound more like a battle theme, but I'm overall really happy with it! Looking forward to sharing more original music with you all in the future :)

♫ "Golden Battle" composed by Carlos Eiene
Mix and Edit by me!

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