???? Heroes Unite Against Bullying ???? Talking Tom Heroes Cartoon Compilation

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???????? Heroes of the world, unite! Stand with Talking Tom Heroes against bullying! ????????

Your favorite crew of mini super friends and superheroes always do what’s right. ???? They believe in goodness, bravery, and friendship. ???? After all, whether they’re standing up to scary monsters or standing up for what’s right, Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day – for good! For them, friendship is a superpower. Perhaps the greatest one of all! ????

???? Be a hero and stand up to bullying, just like them. ????⚡ Watch them take on mean raccoons, greedy candy sellers, and more in this four-episode compilation. Or join in on their mission to do good by watching episode by episode!

00:00 ????️ Sugar Tornado Alert (Episode 13)
06:58 ???? Attack of the Garbage Monster (Episode 5)
12:08 ???? Boat Race Sabotage (Episode 11)
17:39 ❄️ The Lonely Yeti (Episode 9)

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Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day! It’s friends to the rescue!

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