Improved Skeleton Transformer + 19 new creatures - Third Upgrades mod v2.9 (Heroes 3 WoG/ERA)

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Third Upgrades mod changelog:

-Now the dwellings are generated in random map.
-The scripts that replace map objects with dwellings were moved to a folder in "s" folder, if you want the dwellings to still appear via replace for random map you just have to extract the scripts out of that folder.
-Fixed Golden Goose gave 4750 gold instead of 7000 in total.
-Balanced Elemental Stockpile.
-The appearance of Orc Leader has been changed.
-Changed the appearance of Wolf Rider Killer.
-Changed appearance, name and slight abilities to Avernum Magog.
-Changed name and appearance of Hell steed, now it is called Hell Stallion.
-Changed the name from Terrible Hydra to Nightmare Hydra.
-Changed the name of Hellish Plague to Vermin.
-Changed the name Deadly Gorgon to Catoblepas and changed some abilities.
-All units using bows (except Sylvan Centaur) can now turn into archer skeletons in the skeleton transformer.
-Now all sharpshooters (Including Sharpshooter Elf) can become Sharpshooters skeleton.
-Now all magicians or magic units (Except Ogre Mage) can become mana skeleton.
-19 new creatures.
-2 new creature banks. (Royal Treasury has anomalies in its input message that will be fixed in a future version, but at least it is fully functional).
-Fixed the problem with the selection outline of Skeleton Archer and Mana Skeleton.
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