KNEXT Barista coffee robot makes perfect coffee every time

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KUKA and SAR group are planning to have a strategic cooperation to become world leader in robotic barista and other gastronomy & hospitality solutions. KNEXT Barista combines fine porcelain, crafted latte art and pro-performance. In traditional cafes, coffee quality is influenced by the barista's experience level, the work load and the daily constitution of the Barista which leads to a loss of product quality.
✓ The KNEXT Barista system helps high volume premium coffee providers who want to offer artisan coffee specialities in consistent quality by eliminating quality loss in high peaks and enabling better guest engagement.
✓ The barista system allows to work with a safe distance behind the bar without any loss of capacity. The infection potential of the employees is thus significantly reduced.
✓ The handling of the cups by the robot prevents possible contamination and thus reduces potential infections
✓ By heating the cups to 65° in the system, microorganism contamination is widely reduced.
✓ The application enables a constant coffee quality even in the most remote places where no qualified barista is available.
✓ Together with its strategic partner KNEXT / SAR group, KUKA has access to the technology developed by SAR and KNEXT’s market access.
✓ The KUKA robot is not getting tired or influenced by its mentality and is working always precise and consistent.

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