Kong vs Zeke's Beast Titan | Battle FACE OFF | In-Depth Combat Analysis | Attack on Titan

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Can the Beast Titan from the Anime “Attack on Titan” defeat Kong? This video will explore a scenario and put each weapon to the test to see who will walk out of this battle alive! We will explore strength, intelligence, psychology, behaviors, and melee weapons that could give an edge over the other combatant. If this is your first time here please take a moment to click that like and smash that subscribe button so that you won’t miss any future documentaries and face off battles!

0:00 - Intro
0:51 - Keeps (Sponsor)
1:59 - Scaling the Monsters
2:48 - Corporal Build
4:08 - Close range weaponry
5:17 - Intelligence
6:38 - Dexterity
8:26 - Overall Strength
9:49 - Locomotion
11:01 - X Factor
12:40 - Final Verdict
13:57 - Alternative Scenario

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