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Here's the link to this fun "Lego for WIS":
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Today we are unboxing and playing with the DIY dive watch set, probably the most fun I had in a while.
You get to assemble your own watch.
The set includes EVERYTHING, from parts to tools, so even if you don't have any tools at home, you can complete the watch.
The cool thing is that you get to keep the tools for Future use with other watches.
The watch itself is pretty decent as well, 200m water resistant, it comes with a Seiko NH35 movement and mineral crystal.
The bezel has 120 clicks, and on this, the alignment depends on your skill :)
Overall it is a very fun way of spending an hour of your time, and although it can be a bit frustrating at times, it does feel rewarding once you complete it.
To me this is a perfect gift to buy to someone who is into mechanical watches.
The cool thing is that all the parts are compatible with Seiko models and mods, so you can apply them to your Seiko watches as well.
Enjoy the video!

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