LEGO Ninjago Catamaran Sea Battle Speed Build Review

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LEGO Ninjago Catamaran Sea Battle Speed Build Review! Dan at Squirrel Stampede Opens, Speed Builds, and Displays the Catamaran Sea Battle from LEGO Ninjago. Set 71748, with 780 Pieces, and six Lego Ninjago Minifigures Island Kai, Jay, Zane and Chief Mammatus, Rumble Keeper, and Thunder Keeper. Construct to very fast and battle ready Ninjago Catamaran builds, with moving pontoons, stud shooters, sails, and more!

Found USA retail, Target, Walmart, March 1st 2020, $!

Squirrel Stampede is a Made for Everyone Channel, Produced, Voiced, and Presented by Dan, A Dad, A Toy Collector, with our Main intended audience Made for Ages 13 Years and up! Content is safe and silly for all audiences too!
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