Lynx Mixed Reality mode sneek peak

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This is an early preview of the Mixed Reality mode in Lynx.
I hope you are as excited as we are! :-)
This video was first shown during this full session where you can find a lot more information, there are photos with the setup as well:

There is still a LOT of fine-tuning to be done, but we think it gives you a good preview.
This video is the raw capture of a GoPro Hero4 seeing through the left eyepiece of the HMD. We left the peripheral view on purpose on the left so you can appreciate the continuity that is key for proprioception and balance.
The distortion you might perceive especially in the peripheral vision on the left is because of the fisheye lens of the Gopro.
Usually you see a lot less reflections from external light on our lens than what is depicted on the video. That is because your head is bigger than a single GoPro, and will block more external light sources.
Also remember that what you are seeing is a compressed 2D video, it's very far from the experience you might have when you wear the actual device.

Demo scene built with Unity3D
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