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The Magic Panda Bag is Cuquin's favorite bag, because it creates great things with its magic.

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00:00 Magic Panda Bag
03:29 Learn the animals
07:51 The New App
08:07 Cuquin and the puddles
11:00 Learn about the vehicles
14:52 Balloons
18:55 The Ball
21:47 Cuquin's Halloween
25:40 More Ballons
29:45 Cuquin's Olympics
33:58 Love and Friendship
38:22 Learn the colors with Balloons

Elephant on a swing:
Mr. Cat:
Head, shoulders, knees and toes:
The Ball:

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Welcome to the official Youtube Channel of Cleo & Cuquin - Family Telerin. Explore the channel with the best nursery rhymes and episodes of Cleo and Cuquin to enjoy with the whole family.
""La Familia Telerin"" is an animated series that had its big breakthrough in the 70s with their famous song ""Vamos a la cama"" in Spain, Mexico and Latin America. Now the beloved characters are back as an animated series in 3D.

Cleo and Cuquin is an animated cartoon that tells the adventures of Family Telerin. What the five siblings like to do most in the world is to play. Every day they start a new adventure and solve problems playing to be gardeners, journalists, captains,... At the end of every adventure Cleo is happy, because she finally knows what she wants to be, when she grows up. At least for now!
Join the adventures of Family Telerin and learn new things every day!

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-Клео и друзья. Все серии подряд:

-Cuquin in English:
-Cuquin en español:
-Cuquín en portugués:

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Musical adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías
Adaptation of the song lyrics: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías

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