Manifest Instantly | Dr. Pillai's Technique to Manifest Thoughts Into Reality

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: Why things don't happen? This is a billion dollar question. Everybody has this question on their own level. Things don't happen because we live in duality. Thought, or thinking, is separated from action or its result, which is happening. Thinking is separate from happening. It is because we don't live unity, unity consciousness. We live duality consciousness. The idea, which is thinking or thought, is separate from the object, which is the happening of whatever thought you have in three-dimensional reality.

Is it possible to merge the two, thinking and happening? Yes, this is the teaching of the Siddhas and the Yogis of India. This process is called Siddha Sankalpa. A Siddha who is like a yogi, a master who has mastered his consciousness and who has developed Siddhi Powers, thinks a thought and then that thought manifests immediately. There is no time gap, time lag, between thinking and manifesting.

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What do you think? This question is not only is for us, I remember that, Dattatreya was put this question by his own disciple, Parasurama. Parasurama, who himself is an avatar of Vishnu, one day asked Dattatreya who is his Master, "Master, I have a question. How come all your thoughts manifest instantaneously and mine doesn't?" The answered to the question that gave was, "My thoughts are very powerful. They don't have any doubts. I know that there is no difference between a thought and its object."

How do we develop it? One way of doing it is meditate on this concept over and over again. You will have a revelation. You will understand the secret of merging the thought with its object. God bless!

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