MEGA Vulcan- RUST Spacious Large Group Base Design 2021

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The Vulcan series of bases focuses on spaciousness, and ease of access over raid cost, efficiency, and other factors. The Mega Vulcan is for groups who need more space, want quick disconnect external TCs, low upkeep, inner and outer peek downs, a shooting floor, and a large compound all to themselves.

Join my 2x Vanilla+ server (Weekly wipe, Fri @ 3:00 CST): connect :28015
Join my Discord:

Builder's Sanctuary Code: 6K4HML

Total Cost & Upkeep WITH deployables:
- Stone: 110k
- Metal: 138k
- HQM:

Raid Cost (TC, direct route): COMING SOON
Raid Cost (TC and all main loot): COMING SOON

- Colossus Illusions
- PALA Moody Manchester
- JMPSCR Tin Man
- Ghost Beatz Untold Riches
- PALA Friday Naps
- PALA Desert Oasis
- BRASKO Riptide

0:00 - 2:55 Intro Cinematic
2:55 - 3:08 Build Cost
3:08 - 6:35 Base Tour
6:35 - 10:21 Footprint with External TCs
10:21 - 39:41 Main Base Build
39:41 - 40:11 Outro
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