Missing children + Elizabeth react to mod(Tricky) // Part 8 // GCVR

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creditos a los ocs, no piensen q son míos???? // credits to the ocs, do not think that they are mine????

1. Gabriel(Freddy), Fritz(Foxy), Jeremy(Bonnie) and Charlotte(Pupet)
@Rose_ Chan

2. Susie(Chica)
@•T.Ć.H• •Gächa•

@Estella FNAF

4. Cassidy(Golden Freddy)

So to the creators of the ocs that I use, I want to apologize for using their ocs without their permission, I am not good at making characters and I am really sorry not to ask them

1. [Official] Tricky - All CUTSCENE and FULL WEEK (Phase 3 and More). FNF The Full-Ass Tricky mod.
by: Gamer KongKong
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