My everyday life in May | Ep. 53

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During some beautiful days in May I just filmed a lot and let the camera be on whatever I was doing. Didn't have so much to say but sometimes that is not needed. I thought you might enjoy hanging around with me and Nanook in our daily life. Working in my studio, being out in nature, tapping birch sap, visiting my grand-uncle Tage and just enjoying the very first days of spring.

May is one of the most amazing times of the year I think. Everything just feel so new and as the snow melts away each day the spring blooms out and makes the air smell like sweet birch leafs. I love this time so, soooo much!

Thank you so much for watching!! I hope you liked the video!
Take care everyone! Sending you TONS of love! ♥

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► The last song in the video by Swedish musician Bo Savik:

You can find most of the songs here:
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Intro song (My own version of Swedish song "Vintern rasat"
Light in your hand - Sad Moses
Nostalgique - Martin Hall
Birds of Eden - David Celeste
Morning Mist - Staffan Carlen
Floodlight - Traveler
Daydream in A for piano - Eric Kinny
Bo Savik - Brudslöjan/The Bridal Veil:
Time without end - Spectacles wallet and watch

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