Nine Rap Reaction | "Heroes Falling" | Daddyphatsnaps [My Hero Academia]

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Nine is a villain who was born with a very powerful, almost "god-like" Quirk that allows him to control the weather, dubbed as Weather Manipulation. With his ability, he can summon destructive thunderstorms and hurricanes in an instant. He can even create tornadoes that are powerful enough to rip the ground apart. Being the possessor of such power caused Nine to become disturbed by the world's hierarchy of authority, which he considered flawed, as it's one where the weak rule the strong. So he wants to create a world where those with strong powers rule over those with weak or no powers. Over the years, Nine recruited other individuals such as Chojuro Kon, Kiruka Hasaki, and Hoyo Makihara who, like him, feel oppressed by the current failed world, and together they would try to make their dreams come true. Nine explains his past to Garaki. However, the only obstacle that prevented them from carrying out their plans is Nine's own powerful Quirk, as the magnitude of its power causes cellular damage to Nine’s body, and it would eventually end up killing him. Looking for a way to find a cure for his illness, Nine told his teammates that he plans to join the League of Villains to undergo an experiment by Dr. Kyudai Garaki, better known as Dr. Daruma Ujiko.
Dr. Garaki conducted an interview to find out why he wants to undergo his experiment, and after hearing Nine's explanations, and concluded that he's definitely a perfect candidate, noting that his mind and body are in the right condition. The operation consists of granting him a copy of the All For One's own Quirk, although this is something that Nine ignored. Despite not knowing what the experiment would do to him, he felt like everything will turn out fine. As Nine was sealed up for the experiment, he noted that he will create an ideal world not only for himself but for his teammates as well.

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