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Mr Robot steps in Elliot's place before getting badly beaten up. The two talk about their differences when Elliot wakes up.

Seasoon 2 Episode 7 ""
A brief flashback shows that Tyrell recorded an fsociety video the night he visited Elliot. One month later, Elliot has gone off the grid, living with his mother and maintaining a repetitive routine in an attempt to weaken the influence of Mr. Robot, who continually appears to him and torments him while still refusing to tell him what happened to Tyrell. fsociety continues under Darlene's leadership, hacking the smart home of E Corp general counsel Susan Jacobs and using it as home base after forcing Jacobs to move out. Gideon visits Elliot, tells him that Allsafe is no more and the FBI thinks he is behind the hack or at least complicit in some way. With Mobley's assistance, Darlene executes a hack on the Bank of E Corp, holding their records for ransom.

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