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The Sharksons is a fun and educational show for children featuring classic, and new nursery rhymes! Join The Sharksons on their adventures through the ocean, cleaning up the sea and teaching children how to count, spell and more!

00:00 Yes Yes Recycling Song
01:47 Recycling Song - Let's Make the Sea Much Safer
04:05 Learn the Colours of the Rainbow Song
06:13 Build It, Fix It - Ball Pit Fun
08:08 Superhero Mummy - Thank You Song
10:11 Under The Sea (Class Band Playing Music Together)
12:10 Wheels on the Bus Song - All Through The Reef
14:25 Santa's Sleigh Repair and Recycle Song - Festive Christmas Spirit
16:16 Rainbow Submarine
18:03 Sail Sail Sail A Whale
19:35 Jelly Jellyfish
21:25 Getting Ready for School
23:11 If You're A Shark And You Know It
25:18 5 Little Reef Sharks
27:03 5 Little Digger Trucks

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Loved by kids age 1-2, The Sharksons teaches both new and classic nursery rhymes.

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