Reuben Poutine Is Our Greasy Love Letter to Canada

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Today, Josh is making some reuben poutine. Make your own with the recipe below! MK # 068

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Time Codes:
Corned Beef - 0:57
Reuben Gravy - 6:52
Russian Dressing - 9:48

Step 1: Make the corned beef

For brining
* 2 quarts water
* 1 cup salt
* ½ cup brown sugar
* 2 Tbsp pink salt
* 1 cinnamon stick
* 1 tsp mustard seed
* 1 tsp black peppercorn
* 1 tsp coriander seeds
* 8 whole cloves
* 8 allspice berries
* 12 juniper berries
* 2 bay leaves
* 1 tsp ground ginger
* 2 lbs ice
* 5 lb brisket

For cooking
* 1 Tbsp salt
* 2 carrots, rough chopped
* 2 onions, cut into quarters
* 3 stalks celery, rough chopped
* 5 cloves garlic, smashed

1) Add all the ingredients except for the brisket and ice to a large stock pot and whisk until the salt and sugar dissolve. Add ice and brisket to the stock pot and let sit in the fridge for 10 days.
2) Strain all the liquid from the stock pot and add 2 quarts of fresh water, along with carrot, celery, onion, and garlic. Bring the pot to a boil, then turn down to low, and cover with a lid. Cook the corned beef for 6 hours on low heat.

* 1 large stock pot
* 1 strainer
* 1 large mixing bowl
* 1 whisk
* 1 lid

Step 2: Make the gravy
* 1 pot corned beef in liquid
* ¼ cup flour
* ¼ cup vegetable oil
* 1 tsp salt
* ¼ tsp black pepper

1) In a medium saucepot, add flour and oil together and whisk. Heat over medium low heat and continue whisking for 10 minutes, until the roux turns a medium brownish color.
2) Take one cup of liquid from the corned beef and add it to the roux then stir and turn the heat to Repeat that process two more times, until you’ve added 3 cups of corned beef broth to the roux, and whisk to combine. Add salt and pepper.
3) Chop up some corned beef, about 1 cup chopped, and add it to the gravy.

* Cutting board
* Cleaver
* Medium sauce pot
* Whisk
* Wooden spoon
* 1 cup measuring
* Spoon

Step 3: Make the Russian dressing and assemble
Russian dressing
* 1 cup mayonnaise
* 1 Tbsp worcestershire
* 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
* 1 tsp horseradish
* 2 tsp tomato paste
* 1 Tbsp finely minced red onion
* 1 Tbsp finely minced red bell pepper
* 1 Tbsp finely chopped pickles
* ½ tsp paprika
* ¼ tsp black pepper
* ½ tsp beet juice

* 8 ounces jarlsberg cheese, cut into small cubes
* 1 cup drained sauerkraut
* 4 ounces chopped corned beef
* Pickled mustard seeds
* Fresh dill for garnish

1) Heat your oven to 500 degrees. Whisk together all the ingredients for the Russian dressing.
2) Add fries to an oven-safe dish and add some corned beef gravy followed by Jarlsberg cheese cubes. Flash it in the oven for 5 minutes until the cheese starts to melt.
3) Add sauerkraut, additional corned beef cubes, russian dressing, mustard seeds, and dill on top.

* 1 medium mixing bowl
* 1 whisk
* 1 mini cast-iron pan
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