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Hey! I will be showcasing all the codes aswell as another code that won't work till tommorow!/could be today. we don't know what it does yet haha.

All Codes in This Video: copy n paste them ingame if you want.
!SUBTOINFERNASU For demon art reset
!SUBTOIBEMAINE For Breath style reset
!SUBTOVALEKIS for a free face reroll
!SUBTOSAGEE for a free face reroll
!BreathReset for the reset [Expired]
horn reroll code (!8000Likes)[Expired]
nichirin color and appearance reroll (!10000Likes)
Haori Reroll (!20000LIKES)
!1000FOLLOWS - Nirichin color change
!25000LIKES - Hair color, Eyes, Eye color change
!30000LIKES - Unreleased, will come out tommorow or today news from valkared, it’s a face reroll code :D

Wisteria Discord Link:
Wisteria Trello Link: (has everything about Wisteria in it)

Music: ;ab_channel=%C6%81%C6%9D%C6%81Productions

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