Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies! | Kids Videos | Cozy Coupe - Cartoons for Kids

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Oh no, Robot Buster is going around causing trouble and being mean! How will the Cozy Coupe gang save the day?
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Join Cozy Coupe on his fun educational adventures for kids. Cozy Coupe is an online series that helps kids to learn, get creative and have lots of fun! Tune in each week to enjoy new original kids videos.

00:00 Robot Buster is Being Mean! - Stand Up to Bullies
02:02 Hunting for Buried Treasure - Working Together
04:02 Rescuing King Terry the Tractor - Buster's Story Time
06:02 Colouring With the Paint Cannon - Learn Colours
08:03 Bandit Bus is Lonely - Stealing is Wrong
10:04 Lettie the Lamb Escapes! - Where's Lettie Gone?
12:06 Buster & Cozy Play in Muddy Puddles - Bubble Trouble at the Carwash

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