S. Korea shares experiences of cooperation at ‘Global Korea Convention 2020’

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2020 글로벌 코리아 박람회 개막...K-방역 노하우 공유하며 연대와 협력 도모

The pandemic has made international cooperation more important than ever.
Global Korea Convention 2020 is held to help strengthen such efforts by sharing experiences in various fields like virus prevention.
Kim Sung-min provides a glimpse of what to expect.
While the pandemic has forced the whole world to stay apart from each other, global cooperation is more important than ever.
Promoting that vision is the main agenda of Global Korea Convention 2020,.... which aims to share South Korea's experiences of global cooperation while seeking more joint efforts amid the pandemic.
One-hundred-50 government offices and research institutes took part, as well as guest speakers from around the world.
"Promoting global cooperation and finding ways to achieve it are important, especially at this stage where the whole world is suffering from the pandemic because we know that helping to make sure others are safe is in return the best way to keep ourselves safe."
"A real need for good leadership, locally, nationally and globally has been dramatically conference aspires for Korea to rise to this challenge, and play a leadership role."
One of the 19 sessions focused on South Korea's virus prevention measures.
Specific scenarios and suggestions were given to examine the country's healthcare system in preparation for the third wave of infection.
"South Korea’s know-how behind the successful virus prevention at the beginning of the pandemic was swift epidemiological investigation and testing. To prepare for the on-going pandemic, it is more important to have sufficient medical personnel and sickbeds to hold enough patients."
To light the mood,... the convention opened with fun performances including one by Lee Nal-chi, a band that blends alternative pop with traditional Korean music, pansori.
And a live connection to the Korea Polar Research Institute's Jang Bogo Station in the Antarctic showed distance shouldn't prevent cooperation.
National Assembly Chairman Park Byung-seok sent gratitude and encouragement to the members of the station for carrying out their difficult tasks.
"There are more knowledge-sharing sessions to come during the next two days,... and they can also be found on online platforms like Youtube. Kim Sung-min, Arirang News."

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2020-12-09, 22:00 (KST)
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