Satisfactory Relax Video Everyday with NaSa Skin Beauty Spa #06

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Thanks for watching my video!
Here about How to get clear, smooth face:
1. Slather on the sunscreen.
2. Clean your makeup brushes.
3. Munch on mixed nuts.
4. Start using the serum.
5. Sanitize your Smartphone.
6. Put your skin stash in proper order.
7. Drop dairy from your diet (even that little bit in your latte).
8. Start using retinol.
9. Hit the sack early.
10. Exfoliate for smaller-looking pores.
11. Give your skin a sip of merlot.
12. Don't neglect your neck and chest.
13. Strip off your makeup before bed.
14. Running low on sleep? Pick up some soy milk.
15. Roll away your puffy eyes this morning.
16. Stay out of hot water.
17. Don't wait to moisturize.
18. Be extra gentle when defuzing your face.
19. Snack on watermelon.
20. Exfoliate… without scrubbing.
21. Slip-on your sunglasses.
22. Drink an extra glass of water.
23. Pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast.
24. Be patient with your products.
25. Put down the French fries.
26. Don't forget your veggies.
27. Eat your broccoli.
28. Keep your hands off your face.
29. Whip up a berry tasty treat for your skin.
30. Make your sunscreen work harder for you.
Hello, everyone. This is "Blackheads Removal".
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