Shopping at Amazon’s NEW *Robot* Grocery Store in LA!

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My AMAZON dreams just came true! Y'all know I'm obsessed with Amazon Fresh Delivery and Amazon Prime, annnnnd pretty much all things Amazon. After having a google alert set for the last 6 months, I finally had the chance to visit and shop inside of Amazon's new Fresh Grocery store in LA, run by robots. Ok, so the robot thing is an exaggeration but y'all, this store is cashier-less, as in the cart is smart, as in, you check in to your shopping cart using a QR code on your phone and when you put items in the cart, the cart knows and when you leave the store, your Amazon account is charged. Like, that's it. It's crazy and awesome. I was pretty impressed by the low prices at this Fresh store. Amazon actually has created it's own brand which is sold throughout the store. To clarify, this is totally different than Whole Foods (which Amazon owns) and it's also much bigger than the Amazon Go locations, or at least that's what I hear. This is basically my version of an Amazon Fresh had a lot of fun and are hoping that one opens a little closer to our house. Have you guys ever been shopping at one of these Amazon Robot Stores??? Would you go? And should I shoot a video at LA's bougiest/most over the top expensive store?

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