Smash Remix: Version 0.9.5 Release - EXPANSION PAK REQUIRED

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* Mad Piano has been added as a new Boss character! You can select it by pressing up on the d-pad before selecting Luigi.

Kirby / J Kirby
* Kirby and J Kirby can now absorb the powers of all characters including Regional and Remix characters

* Graphical glitching fixed during intro animation

* Warp Pipe Entry animation duration shortened
* CliffClimbSlow1 and 2 and CliffClimbQuick2 animation duration increased

Giga Bowser
* Throw now has proper invincibilty (same as Bowser)

Dr. Mario
* Neutral Special Pill now has a yellow and blue color version

* Japanese Stage Hazards added as a Stage Option and on by default in Japanese mode (applies different wind speed to Whispy)
* Training Mode Fixes
Fix to training mode glitch where music could become quiet after a quick reset
All CPU players now behave based on CP state selected in main training menu
Player indicators now function properly
* Fixed a crash that would take place in 12 Character Battles during portrait cycling of custom character select
* Toggle added to force High and Low Polygon models of characters
* Toggle added to control the cinematic entry frequency
* Special variants now have portraits in 12 Character Battle Mode
* Fixed bug that would occasionally cause players to have the wrong shield color

* Cloaking Device added
* Poison Mushrooms added
* Super Mushrooms added


* Now has a UFO that will occassionally fly in the background

Final Destination
* Fix to musical glitch if pause during beginning part of track

Congo Falls
* Top Blast Zone increased significantly

Peach's Castle II
* Fixes to some clipping issues

Mushroom Kingdom DL/Omega
* Animation added to background

Hyrule DL
* Invisible tornado glitch fixed

Peach's Castle DL/Omega
* Background animation such as Lakitu added

Dreamland Omega
* Background animation such as Dedede added

Zebes DL/Omega
* Background animation added

Sector Z DL/Omega
* Background animation added

Congo Jungle DL/Omega
* Background animation added

Yoshi's Island DL/Omega
* Background animation added

Yoshi's Story
* Pak E. Derm now moves in the background of the stage

Dreamland Beta II
* Fixed console bug which would cause a crash when items spawned


Pop Star - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Rock/Metal) Guitar Cover by

Super Mario 64 - Merry-Go-Round ROCK VERSION by
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