Spirit Halloween 2020 in Abandoned Toys R Us | Costume Shopping, NEW Animatronics, Decor, Props!

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Check out the Spirit Halloween 2020 collection with me with a fun store tour of costumes, animatronics, home decor and more! The location I visit this year s in an abandoned Toys R Us so I also look for relics of the permanently closed toy store chain!

Each Halloween season, Spirit Halloween Stores pop up all over the nation in empty or abandoned retail spaces (like abandoned Toy R Us stores or closed Best Buy stores). Each year they have a really cool & creative unique theme, with highly themed animatronics and decor displays in the stores that make you feel like they're an attraction in and of themselves! Since Walt Disney World announced that adults will be able to wear costumes to Magic Kingdom during the day FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER this Halloween season (Sept 15-Oct 31), I NEED A HALLOWEEN OR MAYBE A FEW haha!! Come Halloween costume shopping with me and let's check out the super fun animatronics and home decor they've got in their 2020 Spirit Halloween collection! Thanks for watching!

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