Street Fighter V CE Menat vs Sakura PC Mod #2

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I decided to start off 2020 with a SF V video because the other videos have not been drawing me views lately. So forgive me while I try to do a SC VI video next week. Menat is in the FF X Yuna mod that has been seen on this channel before but this is the first time I am showcasing in a single battle. Sakura is back in the Wonderland mod and this is with socks and stockings, without back ribbon and with skirt variant. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. I messed up because I was originally going to do the easter egg code on the Menat Yuna mod but I forgot because I was trying to win the fight. That sucked. I thought the fight was decent though but it could have been better. I have to make due with what I can do with the characters that i can't play that well as. Hope you guys enjoy the fight and have a great day!

Menat as FF X Yuna:

Sakura Wonderland:

DMC stage mod:
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