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This is an extremely powerful subliminal audio. Switch to your ideal timeline with powerful affirmations written in the golden formula designed to sink deep into your subconscious and enable to quantum jump to your desired reality. We shift realities all day long with every thought, decision and feeling we allow, so shifting realities to one you desire is no harder than what you are doing every second! SHIFT TO YOUR DR! You ARE a master shifter already! This sub has protective tones and affirmations accompanied with deep relaxing theta waves to keep you calm and raise your vibration. GOOD VIBES ONLY, you know we love you ❤️????✨


We have embedded subliminal affirmations into this audio at a level that bypasses your conscious mind and goes straight into your subconscious mind. You won’t be able to hear the affirmations- but they are carefully embedded using the highest quality software. We have a meticulous process when writing and creating these subliminal audios, we do the hard work, so you can get cosy and relax- let our subliminal audios work their magic!

Use this 5 min gratitude booster to supercharge your subliminal

✧ Can be listened to day or night

✧ All our subliminal audios are accompanied by a calming piece of nature soundscape, this is important as nature sounds serve a dual purpose, firstly they make you more relaxed and second, once you are relaxed you are then more receptive to subliminal messages. Nature sounds reduce the hormones of stress and replace them with hormones of relaxation and calm, effecting your autonomic nervous system in an extremely positive way.

✧ All our affirmations are hand written by us, with the most meticulous formula and care to allow for potent and positive results.

"If you put a pair of earphones on at night with a program of what you would like to be true in your life, that program is playing straight into the subconscious mind. You will be successful because 95% of the day your program automatically will be seeking your wishes"

"It's so easy to reprogram your mind but people don't even try"

- Dr Bruce Lipton

.・゜゜・Affirmations include・゜゜・.

I experience blissful shifting symptoms,
Shifting realities is easy,
Shifting realities is effortless,
I am shifting,
I am peaceful,
I am calm,
I am relaxed,
I shift blissfully,
I shift to the timeline I desire,
I shift to the reality I desire,
I am in my DR,
I am in my DR now,
I am in my dream reality,
I let go and shift,
I am letting go to shift,
I am shifting safely,
I have shifted,
I am so happy and grateful that I have shifted,
I am a powerful shifter,
I am a master shifter,
I can shift whenever to wherever I like,
I have only positive experiences while I shift,


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✧ Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water before and after listening to this subliminal.

✧ Listen for 30 days to allow the subliminal messages to anchor into your mind.

✧ Focus on only what you WANT feel the love for what you desire, let it fill you up, let go of the negative emotions for what you no longer want.

✧ Believe your desired life is already here! By doing this you are aligning your conscious and your subconscious, the universe reflects these feelings and vibrations and brings it into reality.

✧ Listen 2 - 3 times the more you listen, the faster the results.

✧ Listen at a comfortable level with or without earphones.

* We never use harmful or negative affirmations

* We have not used binaural beats in this video

* It can be listened to overnight

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Our videos are for entertainment purposes only and are not to replace any medical care.

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