The Binding of Isaac: Fiend Folio Mod Item Guide - Bee Skin, Cool Sunglasses, Devil's Umbrella

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Welcome to a wonderfully fiendish mod… ????
Where hundreds of new enemies roam wild, ready to smite you down in the blink of an
Follow these guides carefully, or it may cost you your life…
And as always, I hope you enjoy!
Bee Skin - 0:13
Cool Sunglasses - 1:58
Devil's Umbrella - 3:31
(If you find anything wrong, or believe I rated an item unfairly, please tell me in the comments!)
Mod Creators:
Jerb -
Erfly -
Ciirulean -
Sunil B -
Xalum -
Budjmt -
(I know there are more but you can find the rest on the mod page)
Download the Mod here:
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