The Untold Truth Of Marvel's Magik

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Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik, is part-demon queen, a powerful sorceress, sister to a classic X-Men hero, and one of the stars of 2020's The New Mutants. To learn more about this powerful mutant, let's dig into the untold truth of Magik.

When it comes to the New Mutants, most of the classic characters come from the 1982 New Mutants original graphic novel or the ongoing series that follows. Magik, on the other hand, first appears way back in 1975's Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Giant-Size X-Men #1 is a game changer. Many of the most popular modern X-Men are introduced to the X-franchise in this 1975 comic book, including Peter Rasputin, aka Colossus. When we meet him on a collective farm in Siberia, he's using his powers to save his unnamed little sister from a runaway tractor. Of course, that little girl will grow up to become the Magik we all know and love, but in this particular tale, Illyana Rasputin has little to do with the story once her brother saves her. Of course, a slightly older Illyana would eventually show up in later issues of Uncanny X-Men and get her own miniseries before joining the junior X-Men in New Mutants.

As for her relationship with Colossus, the two don't get a lot of time to hang out. After all, the siblings are on different teams embarking on different adventures. Nevertheless, Magik and Colossus have crossed paths multiple times, and they've supported each other through thick and thin. Keep watching because we're explaining the untold truth of Marvel's Magik.

An early debut | 0:00
Interrupted by a demon | 1:26
First solo New Mutant | 2:48
More than a mutant | 3:47
No exact age | 5:07
Ruler of Limbo | 5:57
A dark, demonic half | 7:18
Magik has a unique weapon | 8:31
A mutant-killing virus | 9:47
War on Avengers | 10:48
An LGBTQ hero? | 12:14

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