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0:02 Hello and Welcome to all.
In this video we will learn about Urja Global share latest news. Best Penny Stock 2021 Urja
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Q1 Who must watch this video?
01:06 a) Long Term Investors, they will learn about - Investments ideas India, Why its share price is going up down? Breaking News India Stock Market, investment plans, investment multiplier, investment options in India.
02:03 b) Beginners in stock market, they will learn about - Basics of share market for beginners, basics of trading stocks, basics of investing in stocks, basics of trading stocks in india, basics of stocks, basics of finance, day trading for beginners, day trading strategies, Day Trading, Stock Market in Hindi, tips for stock market beginners.
03:34 Q2 What will you Learn after watching this video?
You will learn about - Investor Psychology, Intelligent Investment, risk factors, risk evaluation, bottom fishing, averaging of stocks, profit booking strategies.
Multibagger Stocks of India, Penny Stocks India,
Day Trading India, Stock market Beginners India,

Following queries are solved in this video
1) What are the top Stocks in News today?
2) What Stocks are expected to rise today?
3) What stock should I Invest in today?
4) Which share will go up tomorrow?
5) What is the stock market doing today?
6) Why share price is going down?
7) Which Stocks to buy for long term?

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Why Share Price is going up? Why Share Price is going Down? What is the latest quarter results? Why Stock price is falling? Why Stock price is rising?

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