What if Goku and Vegeta were in Marvel | The Origin Saga [FULL MOVIE]

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What if Goku was a Marvel Comics character? This is a concept that many Dragon Ball and Marvel fans have had for a long time. This saga is a concept of how this would play out if Goku had been created way back when as a Marvel character. Goku, one of the last survivors of the saiyan warrior race, is sent to Earth and found by Magneto. Planet Vegeta had been devoured by Galactus, dooming the saiyan race. Prince Vegeta, in order to save himself, joined Galactus and became his herald. The two will meet many enemies and allies along the way, including Spider-man and the Avengers. What does destiny have in store for

00:00 - Intro
00:32 - Part 1
08:40 - Goku Rescued by the X-men
13:29 - Help from the Fantastic Four
19:36 - Part 2
23:03 Vegeta Attacks
28:29 - Galactus
33:55 - After the battle

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Voices for characters provided by Josh Web.

Renders from games extracted by maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt

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