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Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today, we’re discussing Dumbledore, Voldemort, and the Elder Wand. More specifically- we’re going to be discussing a popular fan theory which suggests that Dumbledore was never the TRUE owner of the elder wand.

The Elder wand was the first hallow created, made by Death himself, and it was said to be the most powerful wand that ever existed. The Elder Wand is made of elder wood, and it’s core is the tail hair of a Thestral. It’s 15” long and has carvings down its length that resemble clusters of elderberries. With the elder wand, witches and wizards have historically been able to produce intensely powerful magic that others could only dream of. Some magic is actually altogether impossible without the Elder Wand- including things like mending other wands.

We see this powerful artefact pass hands on numerous occasions throughout the Harry Potter story- and its ‘ownership’ is of utmost importance to the plot. After all, it’s the ownership of the Elder Wand that eventually allows Harry to defeat Voldemort- firing his own killing curse right back at him. But before Harry became it’s owner in his final showdown with Voldemort at the end of the Deathly Hallows- who were the true owners?

Conventionally it is believed that Dumbledore was the owner, followed by Draco who disarmed Dumbledore, followed by Harry who disarmed Draco. But one popular fan theory suggests that Dumbledore was never the true owner at all. So where does that leave us?

The main driver behind the theory is HOW the wand actually changes ownership. Conventionally it is believed that a witch or wizard can only become the true master of the wand if they ‘best’ the previous owner. But what does ‘best’ mean? While it was originally suggested that ‘besting’ a wizard meant defeating them, the Harry Potter story seemed to suggest later on that ‘besting’ can include an act as simple as disarming- Draco with Dumbledore. But, is that true?

The theory in question suggests that ‘disarming’ is definitely NOT a valid way of obtaining ownership- and that in order to become the ‘true’ owner of such a powerful object- you need to take it forcefully-commanding the wand’s respect. If we trace back the wand’s history, we can see that Dumbledore took the wand from Grindelwald. And if we look at how Grindelwald obtained the wand- we can see that he did so in a cowardly manner, stealing it from Mykew Gregorovitch in the night:

"Gregorovitch burst into the room at the end of the passage and his lantern illuminated what looked like a workshop; wood shavings and gold gleamed in the swinging pool of light, and there on the window ledge sat perched, like a giant bird, a young man with golden hair. In the split second that the lantern's light illuminated him, Harry saw the delight upon his handsome face, then the intruder shot a Stunning Spell from his wand and jumped neatly backward out of the window with a crow of laughter."

The theory is this- because Grindelwald stole the wand in a cowardly fashion, he was never its true owner, and because Dumbledore took the wand from Grindelwald (who was not its true owner), he himself could not have become the true owner. This means that for years and years, even though it was not in his possession, Mykew Gregorovitch was the true owner of the elder wand. But if all of this is true- how did Harry end up becoming the wands true owner? Did he?

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