ZBrush End-to-end Creature Workshop Overview!

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Here is a short video overview for my upcoming live workshop!

This will be a fast-paced live workshop from the 21st of June to the 25th of June, where I'll be guiding you through the process to create a polished creature concept in ZBrush and Photoshop.

The workshop covers the steps and tools that I use in my own workflow to produce a high-quality concept. I go over my sketching techniques (both in 2D and 3D), the sculpting of the creature, my approach to detailing, rendering passes within ZBrush BPR and compositing in Photoshop!

We'll plan a project together and follow a simple production structure so that all the processes are clear and can be replicated later more importantly, it's gonna be fun!

If you are interested in the workshop, you can find all the information and reserve your spot from the website here (limited seats):
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